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Diet Solutions: Clothes for your shape

Beauty Secrets From Oprah's 'Makeover Guy'
by JohnMc

Rate: TerribleRate: OkayRate: AverageRate: Pretty goodRate: Excellent
   (108 votes)

You’ve seen him on Oprah. Now, in this exclusive, “The Makeover Guy” Christopher Hopkins is here to teach YOU how to Stage Your Comeback with his makeup, fashion and hair tips that’ll turn you from blah to WOW!

Get ready to look better and feel better fast. Although the subtitle of Hopkins' hot new book is "A Complete Beauty revival for Women Over 45" his expert advice will work for any woman who has let herself go.

And that includes overweight women of any age or size.

"In order for any diet or any 'comeback' to be successful you need to do what I call the 4 A’s," Hopkins tells

"You must ASPIRE and tell yourself, 'I want it!' To do this I urge you to come up with 'trigger trippers' you look at daily for motivation. These can be your skinny jeans, a photo of you on the beach when you were at an ideal weight, or a photo from a magazine that motivates you).

"The next A word is APPROVE. Tell yourself, 'I deserve it!'
To do this you should blast belief systems and expose excuses that are holding you back. Write down your excuses and look at them often.

"The third A word is ASSUME. Tell yourself, "'I will have it!' You need to affix in your mind a state of belief that assumes you will reach your goal.

"The final A word is AFFIRM. You need to tell yourself, 'I am it!' Write down your affirmations in the present. A few good examples: I am a size 8... I am wearing a little black dress to my class reunion... I look slim and svelte!"

Hopkins goes much more in-depth in Chapter 1 of his beautifully illustrated and easy-to-read book Staging Your Comeback (HCI Books). During my recent interview with Hopkins, I got a sense this guy is really passionate about helping women return to the "good old days" -- and he's savvy enough to give advice that will improve your looks without damaging your bank account!

Hopkins believes that as you age, you become more beautiful but often feel less attractive. His book can change that sad cycle.

It's not that women don't care about their looks. It's more like they've been dealt other important things that need their nurturing energy.

"They've taken a backseat to everything and everyone else," he says. "They know what to do, but don’t have motivation to get off butt and do it.

"Most women put everything and everyone in front of themself. Children are a great personal attention diverter. The years pass and suddenly a woman will look at herself in the mirror and say WHOA..."

Ready to come out of the shadows and take center stage again? The step-by-step strategies and detailed advice in Staging Your Comeback will teach you to:

• Restore your hair with your ideal cut, color and style.

• Revamp your wardrobe to flatter a changing body.

• Refresh your face with "visible lift" makeup techniques.

• Renew your spirit and maintain your look using Hopkins' revival guide.

"Women need to nail down a plan," Hopkins says. "After they've achieved the 4 A's I mentioned earlier, they need to turn their attention to the 3 D's. (Yes, the man loves his letters!)

1. Devise your strategy!
"Put all your information in one place, such as a three-ring binder to hold your 'beauty revival guide.' Create your affirmations page and develop your morning routine.

2. Designate the time!
"You need to plan everything from grocery shopping to workout time to the snack breaks for small meals throughout the day."

3. Deliver the good!
"Read your revival guide and affirmations daily. Follow your routine. And countdown backwards to your goal date with tasks leading up to that big day when you will be at your goal. One example is 'August 23 wedding: I weigh 20 pounds less.' Now, work your way back to the current day with realistic goals for your journey."

Hopkins says you could also put ways to dress slimmer while you’re on the path.

"Remember round adds pounds… anything round, a neckline, a hair shape, a round-toed shoe or polka dots, will add visual pounds wherever it is placed," he says.

"Diagonals slenderize (V-necks, pointed shoes, a surplice wrap dress or blouse, a tapered and inverted bob like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. Horizontals add heft: Avoid horizontal lines in belts, contrasting top and bottoms, a blunt bob, and horizontal stripes."

Hopkins has more great advice than I have space for this feature. So do yourself a big favor and get a copy of his book today.

Hopkins is such a treasure trove of look-good advice for members, you can bet I will do my best to bring him back for more insights such as: Use shapewear to help slenderize, minimize your midsection, understand what can make your butt look bigger, and other fun stuff like hand bag rules.

May 12, 2008


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