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Do you find it hard to resist those unhealthy snacks in between meals? Whether it is that last piece of cake, or those chips staring at you from inside the office vending machine, the temptation can seem impossible to ignore. You may think it’s just a few bites, but it may be the reason your diet is failing.

Here are 5 tips to get those fattening snacks away from your lips:

1. Pack a healthy snack with you so when your cravings kick in, you can say no to the junk food. A bag of grapes, some whole wheat cereal or low fat popcorn are great alternatives to high calorie snacks.

2. Write down everything you eat for 3-4 days. You will start to notice some patterns in when and what you eat. By realizing your snacking behavior, you can prepare yourself with some better choices.

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3. To help resist those vending machine goodies, try saving the money you would have used on those snacks and keep it in a jar on your desk. You’d be surprised how fast that money adds up and how many better things you can buy with it!

4. Reward yourself for eating healthy snacks all week by allowing yourself an indulgent snack or dessert on the weekends. Sit back and enjoy your snack, don’t eat it on the run!

5. Realizing how much you consume and how many extra calories you are taking in can really help put your snacking habit into perspective. So put down that unhealthy snack and get your weight loss back on track!

Remember, it is important to pay attention to everything you consume. It’s easy to get caught up in a moment and forget that a handful here and a few sips there, can add up to a lot of weight everywhere!

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