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You know you need to cut calories to lose weight but what you may not know is that you can do so without feeling deprived.

Successful dieters have learned how to enjoy food and still feel satisfied despite limiting their food intake.

Downsize Calories and Stay SatisfiedThey just do it in a way that is realistic and doable – and still tastes good.

I’d like to share some tips so you can do the same:

1. Make the soda switch. Did you know that switching from sugary soda pop to sugar free drinks or water is one of the quickest ways to cut calories and lose weight? I have many patients who were reluctant at first to give up their soda pop but once they did, they were so happy with the results. You need to understand that your soda pop habit makes it hard for you to eat more healthful foods because you keep craving more sugar. Pop is also costly so switching to water will save you money in addition to calories.

2. Satisfy cravings in healthier ways. Instead of completely avoiding your favorite foods, I advocate finding healthier substitutions. Whether your “guilty pleasure” is mac and cheese, meatloaf, French fries, ice cream or chocolate chip cookies, the expert team can help you find healthier ways to satisfy these cravings. The key is to do so in moderation. Come to the premium member message boards and post a food that you crave and we’ll help you find a healthier substitution.

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3. Use smaller dishes, bowls, cups. How you eat can affect your total calorie intake as much as what you eat. Studies have shown that people eat more at a meal if they’re served on a larger plate. They also eat more cereal if served in a larger bowl, drink more wine if served in a larger glass and eat more popcorn at the movies if it’s served in a larger bag. By downsizing your dinnerware and food containers, you’ll be downsizing your calories at the same time – and without even noticing.

4. Compare product calories. Saving 30 calories here and 70 calories there may not sound like a lot but day after day and week after week, a saving of 100 calories will add up to losing more weight. Take time in the grocery store to compare the calorie levels of the foods you commonly buy like bread, yogurt, cereal, pretzels or canned soup. Choose foods with less calories and more fiber and you’ll be boosting your health in addition to boosting your weight loss.

I hope these four tips will help you cut calories, lose more weight and feel satisfied in the process.

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