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The start of a new year is a good time to start anew.

Every year we are faced with resolutions to make – and each year we may feel more hopeful than the last – because maybe, just maybe, this year will be different.

Instead of making a long-term resolution to lose all your extra weight, you may want to change your focus so your resolutions become more effective.

Here are some tips to guide you:

1. Focus on health. When your focus moves away from the weight scale to your overall health and well-being, you tend to find that your outlook and motivation improve too. Decide that your dieting deprivation mindset is outdated. Eat more fruits and vegetables, keep yourself well hydrated, accumulate 30 minutes of brisk walking on most days, eat breakfast daily and plan regular meals and snacks. Look forward to reaping the many benefits that a healthier lifestyle brings.

2. Revitalize daily. Better stress management tops New Year’s resolutions lists for many people. But how do you take such a lofty goal and turn it into something doable? The secret is to take something that you want to achieve over time and institute small changes that will add up. Commit to a nightly warm bath, do some daily yoga stretches, read a self-improvement book or take a few minutes for deep-breathing exercises.

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3. Make it a twosome. Don’t go solo with all of your New Year’s resolutions. Commit to at least one resolution that involves a twosome. Take dance lessons with your spouse, attend a stop-smoking program with a fellow smoker, volunteer at your church or community center with a neighbor or take your pet dog for agility training lessons. Getting out with others and getting involved in something new can give a big boost to your mood and your health.

4. Be thrifty. Be creative and think of ways to boost your health without spending lots of money. Take advantage of workplace discounts for reduced fees at the local health club. Participate in a walking group. Find less expensive ways to work out at home by swapping home exercise DVDs or videos with friends. Look for food co-ops where you can get better prices on bulk food purchases.

I hope you can use these four tips to help you lose more weight this year.

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