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You’ve been making progress in your weight loss, but then it happens. You step on the scale and the number hasn’t changed for the second week in a row. You are frustrated. In your head, you tell yourself you’ve been doing all the right things to continue losing weight. You just don’t know what’s going wrong…

Sound familiar? If so, then you have hit it: the ever-flabbergasting weight loss plateau. Before you begin to freak out, take a deep breath – and read on for some tips to get you through this stalemate with the scale.

1. Keep a close eye on yourself. Are you sure you’ve taken into account every calorie that may be hiding in that salad dressing or between those pieces of bread? If you’ve suddenly noticed a halt to your weight loss, make sure you’re being honest with yourself about your habits and routines. Using our daily food tracker may be all you need to get out of your rut!

2. Change it up. If you’ve been doing a lot of walking, try some jogging instead. Already jogging? Hop onto a bike and do some bicycling for a change. Keep your body working in different ways, and note how it changes your weight-loss and muscle-building.

3. Pep talk. Look at yourself in the mirror and make sure you’re treating yourself well by staying positive. You’re not hopeless, useless, worthless or a failure. You’ve lost weight already. That means you’ve got it in you! Hitting a plateau doesn’t mean you’ve “fallen off track” – it just means your body is taking some needed time to adapt to your weight loss.

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4. Calm down. You’re freaking out and not wanting to stray an inch from your plan for fear it will seriously set you back now that you’ve stopped losing and started plateauing. This stress will not help your progress any. This may be a perfect time to try a relaxing yoga class as a way to de-stress and re-focus.

5. Look at your progress. How many inches have you lost since you started losing weight? Are you breathing easier? Have physical tasks become less strenuous for you? Can you play with your children in ways you haven’t been able to for awhile because of your weight? Progress can be measured in more ways than just pounds lost.. Make a list of all your other measures of success and look how far you’ve come.

6. Come to The supportive members of your community will do their best to snap you out of your mental rut!

A weight loss plateau may seem like the ultimate wall between you and your goal weight. But don’t bug out! Calm down. It took a long time to build up that weight. It’s going to take some time to take it off. Keep these tips in mind and you can breeze right through your “pounds on pause” period.

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