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Accountability Buddies Members: 662 (Public)
Created: 2008-02-25
Posts: 1186
Fall 2010 Weight Loss Challenge Members: 1511 (Public)
Created: 2010-08-31
Posts: 555
New Year's 2011 Weight Loss Challenge Members: 3068 (Public)
Created: 2010-12-28
Posts: 422
Dieter's Dream Members: 236 (Public)
Created: 2008-02-29
Posts: 285
Couch to 5K Members: 76 (Public)
Created: 2008-04-25
Posts: 279

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1 Step at a Time!!
Members: 3 (Public)
Created: 2008-09-18
Posts: 0
I am new to my diet and am so excited!! I have never done this consistantly...
Fall Weight Loss Challenge
Members: 830 (Private)
Created: 2008-09-26
Posts: 495
Fall Weight Loss Challenge
Less than 20 pounds to lose
Members: 1 (Public)
Created: 2008-09-27
Posts: 0
I am beginning a new diet to finally get rid of these pounds I have slowly ...
Look Better Naked
Members: 4 (Public)
Created: 2008-09-28
Posts: 1
For men and women who want to be healthy and fit. Join challenges and share...
Keeping My Curves!
Members: 1 (Public)
Created: 2008-09-28
Posts: 0
For anyone who wants healthy and fit, but want to keep their curves! Share ...
fit after 60
Members: 2 (Public)
Created: 2008-09-30
Posts: 1
i lost 240lbs 7 yrs ago with wls but its a stuggle to keep it off and i wou...
MO weight loss
Members: 7 (Public)
Created: 2008-10-03
Posts: 3
This is a group for fun people who live in Missouri.
exersise to define
Members: 1 (Private)
Created: 2008-10-10
Posts: 0
Get in shape everyone
Walking Lifestyle
Members: 13 (Public)
Created: 2008-10-16
Posts: 4
For a long time, I eat junk food on daily basis and was over 200 lbs. One d...
Money Makers
Members: 8 (Public)
Created: 2008-10-18
Posts: 72
Do you want a healthier you? Do you like to make money? Are you looking fo...
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