Update Your Fall Fitness Wardrobe

Lady Diet from Diet.com
September 14, 2007
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Update Your Fall Fitness Wardrobe!

Welcome to Diet and Fitness Podcast, a free audio podcast sponsored by Diet.com. This is your fit, fun, and fabulous host, Lady Diet, ready to give you the skinny on the latest diet fitness health tips and news.

Diet.com’s new Back on Track Fitness Challenge starts on September 17th! In honor of the big event, I thought I would talk about a few key things every fitness challenger should be prepared with to make the most out of their experience! I’m talking about a wardrobe update. If it’s been awhile and you’re still running around in a gym outfit you’ve had since 7th grade, I say it’s time for a change! From clothes to accessories, here are my five picks for the perfect Back on Track Fitness Wardrobe.

1) Any fitness wardrobe in my opinion begins with good running shoes. If your old favorite pair has cracks in the heels, it’s time to let them go. When you look for new shoes, remember to consider how you’ll use them, whether it’s just on a treadmill or whether you’ll be running on rough terrain often. When you go to the shoe store, remember to wear the pair of socks you plan on using when you’re exercising.

2) I know it may be hard to let go, but sometimes you just need to replace your sports bra. It’s pretty easy to tell when it’s time for a new one – gently stretch the bands on your sports bra – if there is little to no resistance, it’s time to go shopping. When you’re trying out new ones at a store, remember to do a little jog-in-place test to see whether it gives you the support you need!

3) The third item everyone needs in their fitness wardrobe is a supportive pair of leggings, exercise pants or shorts made with breathable fabric. A lot of athletic wear claims to be made with “Wicking” properties, which means that the fabric pulls the moisture away from your body as you sweat. Also, go for material that’s stretchy or made out of Spandex to provide maximum support during higher impact activities.

4) Another essential for every Fall Fitness Wardrobe is a good music player! Get one that can hold enough upbeat songs on it for your workout and make sure you get a case to protect it when you’re running around. Personally, I’m really in love with the iPod shuffle for working out.

5) Lastly, for a fresh addition to your wardrobe, invest in a little pedometer to measure the distances you’re going when you head out on a jog. Pedometers today have clocks and timers, speed estimators, pulse rate readers and even calorie estimates. If you’re tracking your calories in and out as part of a new weight loss plan, a pedometer can really help you get a better feeling for your progress. It’s good to update your athletic wear sometimes – not only because your old things might be worn out from use, but also because having a new piece of clothing or stepping into a new pair of shoes can give you that extra motivation you need to recharge your workout this season. Go to Diet.com and click on the link that says “Challenge” on the top navigation to join the Back on Track Fitness Challenge! Good luck!

If you have any comments or suggestions about today’s podcast, or any fun health, diet, or fitness tip, feel free to email me at LadyDietPodcast at dietdotcom.

This is Lady Diet signing off…

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