The Skinny on Sushi

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June 28, 2007
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The Skinny on Sushi

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Trying sushi for the first time is a lot like falling in love. You’re a little nervous at first but intrigued by the unfamiliar! Well fellow dieters, I have to confess. I’ve been swept off my feet. My sushi love affair began only recently when I sat down at a little Japanese restaurant to sample the traditional food fare with a friend. Once queasy at the mere thought of consuming raw fish, the only anxiety I feel now is when I look at a menu and decide what to order! Well, since my relationship with sushi started, I’ve done a lot of research into just how compatible sushi is with one’s diet! Turns out that in addition to being a low calorie meal, sushi packs a lot of other health benefits. Here are some reasons why you and your diet should fall in love with sushi.

First, what is sushi anyway? In a nutshell, sushi is a combination of vinegared rice, nori which is seaweed, and most commonly raw or cooked fish, shellfish, or vegetables. Sushi is usually garnished with ginger and wasabi, which is like horseradish. Sushi is often served in bite-sized rolls or as clumps of rice with pieces of fish and wasabi on top.

Sushi can be a great food for your diet and your overall health! Fish is generally low in calories to begin with. Most rolls (about six pieces of sushi) contain around 300 calories on average.

In addition, a fish such as salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids – the heart-healthy kind of fat that can lower cholesterol. The seaweed that often surrounds fish in sushi contains a lot of nutrients like vitamin C, which can help build your immune system! Better yet, the ginger that’s usually served with your sushi packs its own healthy benefits – Ginger acts as an anti-inflammatory, is good weapon against intestinal problems, and even curbs nausea.

For the healthiest sushi for your waistline, try to go for sushi that doesn’t contain mayonnaise, which can really add on calories and fat. Popular rolls like the California Roll contain mayo, so before you place your order, ask if they can use lite mayo or even skip it altogether. For the ultimate diet sushi roll, go for brown rice instead of white, which contains a lot more fiber and nutrients to satisfy you longer.

A word of caution about sushi. Women who are pregnant should avoid consuming certain fish high in mercury, like tuna or swordfish. Those people with certain allergies such as shellfish allergies should also be careful when consuming sushi.

Now that I’ve given you the skinny on why you should add sushi to your diet, my best advice is to pick up those chopsticks and be adventurous! Like dating and love, you have to try your options before you find the right one! Discover different kinds of sushi and I’m sure you’ll fall in love, as I have. Sea Urchin and I? Not the perfect match. But my current sushi love right now? Spicy salmon and avocado!

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