Slim Down with Fresh Salads!

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April 04, 2007
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Slim down with Fresh Salads!

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Has the following ever happened to you? You’re at a restaurant with friends deciding what to order, and your new diet keeps you thinking “Order something healthy or else!” When the waiter takes your order, your friends have all ordered deep fried chicken wings and fries, while you unenthusiastically go for the Cobb salad.

Cheer up! It’s time for you to stop sighing and start smiling when it comes to salads! They don’t have to be boring. They don’t have to taste bland! They don’t have to be less satisfying then those chicken wings and fries! And if you choose the right ingredients, they’re going to be a lot healthier! Really, what could be better!

With salads, the possibilities are endless! Let’s start with your base ingredient. Lettuce. Here’s a rule to remember. The darker the greens, the more nutrients it contains! Instead of getting iceberg lettuce, the type most commonly served in restaurants, be a little more adventurous. Try fresh spring mixes of lettuce and spinach, which gives you a little extra iron. There are great prepackaged, prewashed salad mixes out there, like Dole Field Greens. I think you’ll find that in addition to being more nutritious, you’ll get a lot more flavor out of darker lettuces, too!

Alright, next comes the fun part: adding colorful vegetables! Fresh veggies pack a lot of health benefits and not so many calories. Plus they’ve got a lot of filling power so you won’t feel hungry when you’re done with your salad. Include some of the standards – carrots, tomato, cucumber slices. To make it easier, have a bag of baby-cut carrots on hand so you don’t have to peel and slice and delay your rendezvous with a great salad! The same idea goes with tomatoes. Try having cherry tomatoes around rather than regular ones. Just rinse and toss them in. Cucumber slices are great for a little crunchiness! My other favorite vegetable for salads? Red peppers. Not only are they crunchy and beautiful, but they’re also a little sweet!

Make your salad a complete meal with some added protein. If you’re vegetarian or not, you can get some great protein by adding some nuts or beans! With nuts, you’ve got to be careful because they can be high in fat, so only sprinkle a light amount on your greens. If you think beans are best, try a single serving of kidney beans or chickpeas!

Achieve that salad ‘wow’ factor with flavorful, tender, satisfying meat. Make sure to add extra-lean meats like the salad goer’s favorite, grilled chicken. Here’s another idea. If you don’t have grilled chicken around, try pre-sliced or shaved turkey breast! It’s not just for sandwiches anymore!

When it comes to dressing, you can easily lose the healthy benefits you were seeking from the beautiful salad you just created! Instead of those creamy, high-fat dressings, try something that’s equally delicious and a lot healthier. How about a little bit of olive oil, which is rich in antioxidants, and some balsamic vinegar for even more flavor!

The final note on salads. It is easy to ruin a healthy salad. Consider the salad bar at restaurants. With so many ingredients to choose from, you’ll end up loading your salad with all sorts of crazy things. Lots of cheese, egg, bacon bits, drowning in a rich creamy dressing brings the fat and calorie count way up if you’re not careful! My advice? If you’re ordering a salad at a restaurant, always, always, always ask for dressing on the side. And if you’re building your own, stick to a few favorite vegetables and a single serving of protein for a successful, healthy salad!

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