All Calories Count!

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January 05, 2007
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All Calories Count!

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Ever spend your days nibbling on food but never really feeling like you ate anything? I know I have! I’ll eat a handful of French fries or have a few bites of cake throughout the day, never consider the calories I am eating. Unfortunately, all calories count whether we remember eating them or not!

To help us really understand how much those extra calories are setting our weight loss goals back, here are five of some common foods that we nibble on and just how long it will take for us to burn off the calories they leave behind. Please note that these calculations are based on a 155 pound person so add time if you weigh less or subtract time if you weight more:

Are you ready for this?

1) To burn off the calories in one chocolate chip cookie, you would need to swim laps for 20 minutes straight!

2) Before we indulge in that delicious martini and a handful of party mix, we should remember that it will take us about 48 minutes on the stationary bike to lose those added calories! I definitely don’t want to toast to that!

3) Every morning we may find ourselves in need of our daily drink at our local coffee shop. However, we may want to switch from that medium sized iced caramel Macchiato to a cup a tea once in awhile. The switch will save us about 34 minutes on the treadmill!

4) Eating even the recommended half cup of our favorite chocolate chip ice cream will have us walking 72 minutes to keep the ice cream from running to our hips!

5) Lastly, we will have to use the rowing machine for 100 minutes to burn off that double cheese burger we just couldn’t refuse! That is over an hour and a half of rowing! I think I’ll stick to a turkey burger, which only takes 20 minutes of stair climbing.

Some foods that keep the cardio to a minimum are salads with light dressing, vegetables and fruits.

I know, that is a lot of calorie counting to consume at once, but it is important that we are aware of the caloric consequences of what we are eating.

Luckily, we burn calories throughout the day outside of the gym. Doing laundry, walking the dog, cleaning the house all burn up calories! So don’t feel overwhelmed that you will have to spend tons of time in the gym, but do make sure you understand that all calories do count!

If you have any comments or suggestions about today’s topic or any health, diet or fitness tips please feel free to email me at LadyDietPodcast at dietdotcom. This is lady dieting signing off…

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