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July 20, 2006
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Welcome to Diet and Fitness Radio, a podcast brought you by This is your fit, fun, and fabulous host, Lady Diet, reporting live from sunny Hollywood, CA.

We are in the height of the summer season and that sun is showing no mercy. It has been brutally hot out and my outdoor jogging regimen has gone right out the window. All I want to do is sit on my butt in an air conditioned room. Don’t you feel the same way? But, like you, I’m torn. How can I just sit like a bump on a log when I want to look good in that new bikini I bought? The good news for us is that there is a compromise! There are plenty of ways to get fit in the comfort of our own air conditioned homes to stay toned for those days at the beach. Come to think of it, this can apply for those frigid winter days, too.

So, don’t let crazy weather conditions end you’re your exercise streak! I’m going to give you some pointers on how to equip your home for a workout on those sweltering summer or snowy winter days. You can find the following equipment at your local sporting goods store or Wal-mart for under $100.

The first piece of fitness equipment I highly recommend that you get for your home is a stability ball. Stability balls are also known as exercise, fitness, balance, body, swiss, gym, or yoga balls. You can find one for around $14. They come in a variety of sizes. A stability ball is one of the most versatile items you will buy- use it to work your legs, hips, abdominals, arms, shoulders, and back. It is also great for gaining better balance.

Another essential home exercise item is a set of dumbbells. Especially for you women out there, resistance training is super important for building bone density. For under $20 you can get a quality set of 5lb, 8lb, 10lb, etc. dumbbells that you can use in a variety of exercises. Besides using them for the usual bicep curls, you can incorporate dumbbells into lunges, squats, and abdominal twists to name a few.

I would recommend that you also purchase a yoga mat. Whether you have hardwood floors or carpets in your home, a yoga mat provides cushion and good traction for your body while you do stretches, crunches, or other mat exercises. A decent yoga mat is usually $20-$30 and they last forever.

If you can’t live without cardio in your workout, I suggest you get a jump rope for about $10. Jumping rope improves cardiovascular health in a short amount of time and gets you sweating. Another one of my favorite home cardio routines is the Tae Bo Fat-Blasting Cardio by Billy Blanks. This high-energy, heart-pumping DVD is $15… worth it if you’re stuck inside and need to move!

There are of course many other things you can outfit your home with. If you are just starting an indoor exercise regimen, don’t go overboard when buying equipment. Get the basics. You can always add more to your repertoire later. As always, thanks for listening and remember to check out to join our Weight Loss Challenge, a fun and motivational way to lose weight.

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