The 5 Deadly Diet Sins

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February 01, 2008
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Trying to lose weight… again? If you’re a veteran at the weight loss game you’ve probably tried EVERYTHING to shed those pesky pounds. The reason your efforts tend to be in vain: you continue to commit one or more of The 5 Deadly Diet Sins. It’s time to repent you thinner… and keep these sins in mind while you do it right this time!

1. Skipping meals. Despite what you think, this will not help your weight loss efforts. Skipping meals lowers your blood sugar, which can make you crave sweets. You’re not saving calories. You’re making yourself famished and ready for a binge!

2. Putting all your faith in salad. Salads are not guaranteed to be healthy. What about that dressing you use to drown your lettuce? Like Quizno’s Honey Mustard Dressing which made a Worst Foods listing in 2007. It adds 500 calories and 50g of fat per serving!

3. Liquid calories count. Don’t act like they don’t! Unless you’re trying to completely shortchange your daily caloric intake.

4. Loading up on calories after a workout. You are probably overestimating your caloric burn and underestimating your caloric intake. Don’t cancel out the hard work you just put in on the treadmill by eating a whole pizza right after you exercise.

5. Trendy diets! In a magically perfect world there would be a quick, safe and healthy way to drop pounds in a flash. But the best idea is to follow a balanced diet and maintain a healthy level of activity. The latest diet fad sponsored by the Hollywood hottie of the moment is meant for people who can afford public bouts of “severe dehydration and fatigue” and the occasional hospital stay.

It’s tempting to believe that just because you care about being healthy that the diet choices you’re making are the right ones. But our 5 Deadly Diets Sins can creep up on you and bedevil your best efforts. Keep these sins out of your life and you’ll be keeping those diet devils at bay.

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