Avoid Dropping the New Years Ball on Your Diet

Lady Diet from Diet.com
December 22, 2007
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New Years Eve is fast-approaching, and with the excitement of another year behind you, it may be tempting to let yourself “cheat” as the countdown winds down. Thinking about putting your diet on pause till the New Year? Here are five simple tips to keep you on track right through midnight, while still having a great time!

1) Eat plenty of healthy, filling foods throughout the day so that by the time you get to the party, you aren’t famished and willing to shovel in any food you see. Just because a New Year’s Eve feast is provided for you, doesn’t mean you are required to chow on it. But don’t completely deprive yourself – eating a small plate of New Year’s Eve fare won’t make you a diet failure. Just make smart choices, and ask yourself before you put it on your plate, “Will I regret this tomorrow?"

2) Drink smart. Alternate between your drink of choice and some good old-fashioned H2O. Not only will this cut your caloric intake for the evening in half, but it will also help stave off the next-day hangover.

3) Dance the night away. Merry-making isn’t limited to drinking and socializing. Dance like no one is watching, as they say! A 150-lb woman can burn over 400 calories in an hour of fast-paced dancing, and you’ll have way more fun than if you were running on your treadmill. Plan ahead and maybe bring along a few of your own favorite dance tracks, and you’ll be the life of the party!

4) BYOB. Avoid the excuse that there were no healthy drink options available at your New Year’s Eve bash of choice – bring your own! Let the host or hostess know what you’ll be bringing along, and share with the whole party! Wine is quite calorie- friendly at about 100 calories per small glass. If you really want to drink hard alcohol, bring along a mixer that won’t weigh you down, like tonic water or diet soda.

5) Make sure you have a supportive and encouraging buddy with you at midnight to share a toast to you- Here’s to your upcoming year of success in living well!

It’s possible to have a great time on New Year’s Eve without ruining the hard work you’ve put into your diet all year. So as that ball drops and midnight approaches remember that your New Year will be starting off with a bang if you stay focused while having fun this December 31st!

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