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What Is On Your Diet and Fitness Wishlist?
(December 07, 2007)
This season, make diet and fitness a part of your holiday gift giving. Get tips on the best diet, fitness, health, and weight loss gifts out there to stay in shape through the New Year and keep your resolution!
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5 Holiday Party Healthy Cocktail Tips
(November 29, 2007)
Celebrate with confidence this season and avoid extra weight gain caused by liquid calories and alcoholic drinks. Get tips on making the healthiest low calorie diet drinks.
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Make Thanksgiving Leftovers Safe and Healthy
(November 21, 2007)
What do you do with all those leftovers after Thanksgiving? Get healthy tips on making leftovers light, safe, and healthy.
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5 Ways to Lighten Up Thanksgiving
(November 16, 2007)
Turkey day is full of wonderful things – friends and family, delicious food, really delicious food, and more food. Listen to this podcast and learn how to face the annual Turkey Day feast fearlessly! 5 tips!
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Best Ways to Soothe Sore Muscles
(November 08, 2007)
5 Practical Tips to Treating Minor Muscle Soreness due to exercise. Remember to consult with a physician before starting any new diet or fitness routine.
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Ways to Find Calm and Whittle Your Waistline
(November 02, 2007)
Did you know that studies have shown that there is a connection between stress and weight gain? Listen to this podcast to get 5 therapeutic tips on relaxing and re energizing!
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Manage Your Halloween Candy Cravings
(October 24, 2007)
Five Easy Diet Tricks for Taming Those Haunting Candy Cravings this Halloween
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Style Tricks to Look Your Slimmest
(October 16, 2007)
Learn what styles will make anyone look like they have lost 5 pounds. Dress Your Way to Feeling and Looking Your Best.
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5 Common Diet Food Fakes Unmasked
(October 14, 2007)
You may think what you are eating is healthy, but are you sure? Listen to this podcast to discover 5 common diet food myths and find out how you can stick to good dieting strategies
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Flexitarian Dieting A Healthy Balance!
(October 05, 2007)
5 reasons why it is OK to be a vegetarian and still eat meat!
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