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The Cookie Diet: A Fad?
(August 11, 2006)
On the Cookie Diet, you eat six cookies a day. Too good to be true?
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Cardio Blast!
(August 07, 2006)
Step out of your cardio comfort zone with a new cardio routine!
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Celebrity Fitness Secrets!
(August 03, 2006)
How do Hollywood's A-listers maintain their famous physiques?
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Grocery Shopping Do's and Don'ts!
(August 02, 2006)
Start making smarter food choices at the supermarket!
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Sensitive to gluten? Listen up!
(August 01, 2006)
Finding gluten-free food in a world full of pizza, cereal, and cookies!
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Cut 100 calories out of a meal or snack!
(July 31, 2006)
Remove some extra calories from your diet!
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Stay fit during a beach vacation!
(July 28, 2006)
Just because you are taking a vacation, doesn’t mean that exercise has to!
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Vacation food and drink tips!
(July 27, 2006)
Plan ahead and pack healthy snacks for the plane or car ride!
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Motivate each other- buddy up!
(July 21, 2006)
Studies show that dieting with a friend is more effective than solo-dieting.
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Beat the heat- exercise at home!
(July 20, 2006)
There are plenty of ways to get fit in the comfort of our own air conditioned homes!
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