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Confused about nutrition and eating healthy? Our nutrition expert bloggers are here to make healthy eating easy, fun and tasty! Learn eating basics and facts about nutrition, so that you can arm yourself with a nutrition plan. Read blogs about living vegetarian or gluten-free, or find new recipes written by nutritionists and healthy eating enthusiasts.

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Diet.comís Nutrition Bloggers
Kerry McLeod, PSHFC (Practitioner in the Science of Healthy Food Choices), is eBrandAid.comís chief ďBrand ...

Sally Ketchum has a nose for newsÖ when itís news about good food and proper dieting that is. This veteran writer ...

Patty James has her Masterís Degree in Nutrition, is a Certified Natural Chef and is the Founder of the first ...

Alex Ong
Alex Ong is the author of Mind Your Own Wellness and founder of MindYourOwnWellness.com. A food industry ...

Mike Geary
CPT & Certified Nutrition Specialist, is the author of the international best-seller, The Truth about Six Pack ...

Camerons Healing Kitchen
Cameron Allshouse is a Health Coach, dance teacher and parent of two children. She decided to become a health coach to fulfill her passion ...

Recent Nutrition Blogs
Why We Need Proteins!
Posted @ 8:00am ET on September 24, 2012
Blog: Danielle Prestejohn
By DPrestejohn
A common misconception about proteins is that they give us energy. This is not necessarily the case. Proteins are actually our bodies' least preferred energy source. But this does not mean it is not extremely important to consume adequate ...
New York Health Board Approves Large Soda Ban
Posted @ 7:00am ET on September 24, 2012
Blog: Diet Write
By DietWrite
Itís official, the New York Board of Health has approved the ban on large sodas and sugary drinks. This means that food establishments will not be allowed to sell sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. This ban will affect restaurants, mobile food carts, ...
Shrimp and Zucchini Ribbon Pasta
Posted @ 12:00pm ET on September 22, 2012
Blog: Danielle Prestejohn
By DPrestejohn
Happy Sunday! Growing up in an Italian family always meant Sunday dinners were pasta! Pasta doesn't have to mean a carbohydrate heavy dish though! Here is a Paleo recipe that is also clean and gluten free! It's a great substitute for regular pasta! I ...
Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Tips
Posted @ 7:00am ET on September 17, 2012
Blog: Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
By Stephen Cabral
Lately, I've been getting a ton of emails from people looking to customize our fat loss nutrition plan while maintaining a vegetarian cuisine. And, since the tips I'm giving my online and studio clients can be applied by anyone I thought you deserved to ...
Guide to Legumes
Posted @ 6:00am ET on September 17, 2012
Blog: Fresh Ideas for Healthy Living
By Cheryl Tallman
Brazil is the world's largest grower and consumer of beans. Beans are part of the legume family of foods which, along with beans, include peas, lentils, peanuts and soybeans. Legumes are a low cost, super healthy addition to meals. Considered super foods ...
Dealing with Celiac
Posted @ 6:00am ET on September 17, 2012
Blog: Danielle Prestejohn
By DPrestejohn
We are beginning to hear more and more about Celiac disease. Gluten free products are now easily becoming available at any grocery store. But does gluten free mean Paleo? Is gluten free healthier? What exactly does it mean to be diagnosed with Celiac ...
Family Diet Patterns
Posted @ 9:00am ET on September 11, 2012
Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
By DrDiet
If you live with young children, you probably eat more fat than adults with no kids, according to one study. Adults with children consumed 5 more grams of fat and 1.7 more grams of saturated fat every day - the equivalent of an individual pepperoni pizza a ...
8 Glasses of Water - Where Should My Soda/Pop Go?
Posted @ 8:00am ET on September 10, 2012
Blog: Mind Your Own Wellness
By Alex Ong
My clients and audiences often ask me the following question: If I were to drink 8 glasses of water a day, where should my soda/pop go? Answer: After the water! The following is the "White Belt Eating Formula" from the book Mind Your Own Wellness: (The ...
Be Creative with Your Veggies
Posted @ 7:00am ET on September 10, 2012
Blog: Eat This!
By Deirdre Riley
We've all heard that eating plenty of vegetables is essential when you're trying to eat right and be healthy. Vegetables provide countless vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, soluble fiber, insoluble fiber, and the list goes on. Studies demonstrating the ...
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