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Confused about nutrition and eating healthy? Our nutrition expert bloggers are here to make healthy eating easy, fun and tasty! Learn eating basics and facts about nutrition, so that you can arm yourself with a nutrition plan. Read blogs about living vegetarian or gluten-free, or find new recipes written by nutritionists and healthy eating enthusiasts.

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Meghan Tiernan (MS, RD, LDN) is a registered dietitian with a passion for helping others achieve a healthy ...

Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith, MS, CSCS is a fitness expert who caters to women desiring fat loss and tighter abs. He specializes ...

Mary Kay Grossman is a Registered Dietitian with a specialty in Adult Weight Management. She has designed and ...

Catherine McCord launched Weelicious in 2007, providing a solution to parents' hectic lives by showing them how ...

Frederic J. Vagnini, M.D., is a board certified Heart & Vascular Surgeon. In recent years he has devoted his ...

Lizanne Falsetto, mother, entrepreneur and CEO of thinkproducts, created thinkThinkģ protein bars as a solution ...

Recent Nutrition Blogs
Super Soup Family Activity
Posted @ 6:00am ET on January 14, 2013
Blog: Fresh Ideas for Healthy Living
By Cheryl Tallman
Celebrate National Soup Month by making make a "Soup Bar" for a family fun dinner! Prepare a simple soup recipe, like Black Bean Soup or the Thai Coconut Soup (recipes below) and spoon it into bowls or cups. Line up a series of topping choices and let the ...
Paleo Coconut Flax Pancakes
Posted @ 9:00am ET on January 10, 2013
Blog: Danielle Prestejohn
By DPrestejohn
Here's a Paleo Pancake Recipe I just know you are going to love! Ingredients:  2 tbs. coconut flour 2 tbs. flax 1 tbs. unsweetened shredded coconut flakes 1/2 tsp. baking powder 2 egg whites 2 tbs. applesauce (unsweetened) 1/4 cup ...
Fast, Satisfying Breakfast Ideas
Posted @ 7:00am ET on January 7, 2013
Blog: Diet Write
By DietWrite
By Registered Dietitian and Diet.com Contributor, Shauna Shultz Breakfast as easy as 1-2-3! What do you mean you don't have time for breakfast? Making your needs a priority is very important! Take a few minutes to start your day with a healthy and ...
50 Top Secrets of the Fittest!
Posted @ 6:00am ET on January 7, 2013
Blog: Vice Busting with Julia Havey
By JuliaHavey
Secrets of the Fittest... Can you keep a secret? Better yet, can you use these secrets to change your life and your body for the better?! If you did nothing else other than incorporate these secrets into your daily life, over a year's time they would ...
Pack Up and Go! - Eating Healthy on the Run
Posted @ 9:00am ET on January 6, 2013
Blog: Danielle Prestejohn
By DPrestejohn
Today I want to give you a couple more options for getting organized, eating healthy, and packing on-the-go meals! This week I created this snack bin for easy grab and go options: Aside from the Lara bars, these are all simple carbohydrate sources ...
Comfort Foods Make Us Feel Good
Posted @ 9:00am ET on January 5, 2013
Blog: Diet Talk from the Doc
By DrDiet
Forty percent of people's favorite comfort foods were fairly healthy, according to one survey conducted by researchers. These comfort foods like pasta, soups, casseroles and meats were most often desired when people were either happy or when they wanted to ...
Grain Free Apple Pie
Posted @ 9:00am ET on January 3, 2013
Blog: Danielle Prestejohn
By DPrestejohn
Apples are easily my favorite fruit! I have one every day without question! They are also packed full of nutrients including fiber and are rich in antioxidants. Make sure you eat the skin though, that is where are the nutrients are! Some of my favorite ...
Paleo Pop Tarts
Posted @ 8:00am ET on December 31, 2012
Blog: Danielle Prestejohn
By DPrestejohn
Yes I said Pop Tarts!!!! I would like to lie and tell you I've never had such a horribly sugary food before, tell you that I would never touch them... After all, who would want pure carbs and sugar?....Um me! I used to love Pop Tarts! They were  a ...
Be Thinner, Healthier: 10 Easy Things To Do
Posted @ 7:00am ET on December 31, 2012
Blog: Saving Dinner
By TheDinnerDiva
In the world of nutrition, there is a constant stream of information that (unfortunately) overwhelms most people. Yes, even nutritionists get overloaded with nutritional TMI! Regardless, it still drills down to the basics that people often miss in their ...
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