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Articles & News

How Oprah Lost Weight

Oprah Winfrey’s fans number in the millions. Now 50 years old, she has struggled with her weight, she says, since she was 22. She also says that she’s used food to relieve stress, to find comfort and for other reasons.

In 2001, she began having chest palpitations, and realized that too much weight was and still is simply too hard on the heart.

”In the past,” says Oprah, “every time I'd started a weight loss regimen, it was out of vanity. But I'm not a vain person by nature—so it was difficult to maintain a healthy weight just to stay a certain size – preferably an 8.”

In 1988 she used Optifast for four months so she could fit into a pair of jeans. She quickly got down to 145 pounds—and stayed there for one day before the regaining began. She then reached her highest weight in 1992, at 237 pounds.

She claims she was so disappointed in herself, she began working out with a trainer. Things then began to improve. She even ran a marathon after working out consistently and getting stronger.

Here’s what she did, in a nutshell, to improve her health, lower her blood pressure and shed those unwanted extra pounds:

* Eliminated white rice
* Eliminated pasta
* Eliminated white breads
* Reduced salt intake
* Ate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
* Ate lean cuts of poultry and fish
* Ate smaller portions

She lost ten pounds almost immediately after following the above self-imposed rules and then began to hit the weights, as her doctor told her that loss of muscle and bone are two of the most dramatic effects of aging.

Here’s Oprah’s sample workout regimen:

* Alternates upper and lower body work at least 5 times a week
* Sometimes does two back-to-back days of full body, followed by a day off to recuperate
* Does 30 minutes of aerobics each day

She’s lost 33 pounds as of today and continues to feel healthier every day. Try what Oprah does and the results may surprise you at how effective they truly are.

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