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Posted at: 1:46 am on June 09, 2012 1 Replies - Close Thread
Last Post By: alestage @ 12:49 am on Jun 17, 2012
I'm a 76kg female and aiming to lose a lot of weight.going to gym for almost a month but still kilos are the same but my dress is from 16 to 12…help

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Posted at: 12:49 am June 17, 2012
RE: Failed diet
cut off the carbs! When you consume carbs your body produces a lot more glucose than it needs and when you exercise your body only burns nothing but the extra glucose [sugar] however when you do not consume carbs you're body produces only the necessary amount of glucose and since you need it, your body won't burn it off, instead the brain sends a signal to the body telling it to leave the sugar alone and burn the fat for energy forcing you to tap into the body's fat deposit and lose weight. Also be sure to do both cardio and strength training. Remember that muscle is heavier than fat so the scale might not budge for a while due to the fact that you are building muscle
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