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Message Board ( 104 Topics ) > Can the good intention overcome the laziness?

Posted at: 12:54 pm on June 26, 2012
Last Post By: cafrench @ 12:54 pm on Jun 26, 2012
I guess laziness is all i can call it. I have such great intentions and i really want to lose weight, read health magazines and talk allot about what i should or need to do, but i remain on the couch. Part of me doesnt want to go for a walk everynight because my boyfriend doesnt want to as he walks all day at work. My dogs are horrid to walk together or so thats my excuse and my daughter goes to bed at 8pm. My immediate rebuttle is get off you butt after dinner take the dogs and the kid and walk , plenty of time before her bedtime and the dishes have proved it the past, they will wait for me. And soo week one milestone is just that 20 min walk after dinner every night. Sounds so easy...
Im going to need a push...
Who else has been here? What was your final ive had it and the walking started. Any tips for us newbies?

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