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South Americans, Diet of
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...pically eat three meals and one or two snacks d
South American diet
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...pically eat three meals and one or two snacks d
Artificial preservatives
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...pically turn brown, develop black spots, or acq
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...pical modern diet medium fat—38% compare
Diet Drugs
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...pical example is gluco-mannan, a dietary fiber
Asians, Diet of
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...pical climate of South and Southeast Asia, and
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...pically low in calcium and individuals are enco
Gluten-free diet
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...pical sprue—A condition of unknown cause
Bodybuilding diet
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...pical oils. (sugar) levels. Insulin takes carb
Liquid Diets
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...pically means to refrain from eating food, but

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Pica is defined as a compulsion to consume nonfood substances. Persons with pica crave items such as dirt, clay, paint chips, plaster, chalk, cornstarch, laundry starch, baking soda, coffee grounds, cigarette ashes, burnt match heads, cigarette butts, and rust. The cause of pica is poorly understood, but this strange behavior is often seen in those who are iron-deficient, particularly pregnant woman, even though none of the craved items contain significant amounts of iron. Pica can be dangerous during pregnancy, since consuming large amounts of some substances may cause nutrient deficiencies, intestinal problems, or lead to toxicity, placing both mother and baby at risk.

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