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Yoga, Pilates & Stretching

Looking for a new routine to blast calories, or just a way to unwind and loosen up while strengthening your body? Try adding yoga or Pilates to your fitness routine. Read our yoga/Pilates expert blogs to learn how to correctly perform yoga positions or Pilates exercises, or learn how to stretch your body to prevent injury with any of our stretching blogs.

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Recent Yoga, Pilates, and Stretching Blogs
Yoga For Weight Loss: Core Conditioning
Posted @ 8:00am ET on June 1, 2013
Blog: Yoga For Weight Loss
By Katherine Roberts
Core conditioning refers to the abdominals, muscles of the back and glutes or butt muscles. Having a strong core is essential for everyday life as your core muscles help you maintain a healthy back. This series focuses on the abdominals and back muscles, ...
How to Get Rid of Low Back Pain
Posted @ 9:00am ET on May 28, 2013
Blog: Flat Stomach Workout + Diet Blog
By Melissa Wall
One of my least favorite things to do, but one of the MOST important things to do, is STRETCH! It is the easiest thing to cut out of any workout, as most often you forget about this tranquil portion of your workout; instead focusing on what you have to get ...
Yoga Moves: Sun Salutations
Posted @ 9:00am ET on May 22, 2013
Blog: Yoga For Weight Loss
By Katherine Roberts
This sequence of poses should be practiced five times. Focus on your breathing, inhaling as you rise up, exhaling as you fold forward. Mountain Pose – Tadasana Standing tall, feet hip width apart. Draw navel towards the spine, sacrum moving down, ...
Tone Tuesday Tips with Hanneke
Posted @ 6:01pm ET on April 30, 2013
Blog: Pilates with Hanneke Blog
By Pilates with Hanneke
Tone Tuesday Tip: April 30th, 2013 Step 1 - Half Roll Back: Start in position a and move to b. Repeat X 8. Step 2 - Side Plank Leg Raise: Start in position a and lift leg to b. Repeat X 10 on each side. Repeat the series 3 times. Remember save ...
Get Lower Back Pain Relief with this Stretch!
Posted @ 8:00am ET on April 25, 2013
Blog: Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
By Stephen Cabral
With every year that passes you probably feel more and more stiff... but it doesn't have to be that way. Although decades of sitting in a chair have tightened certain muscle groups, that doesn't mean you can't undo this tightness and improve your ...
Tone Tips with Hanneke
Posted @ 9:00am ET on April 11, 2013
Blog: Pilates with Hanneke Blog
By Pilates with Hanneke
Tone Tips: The great thing about these Tone Tips is that you can literally take and do them anywhere! Save these to your phone now: Step 1a: stand on stairs left foot two stairs down from right, step up to 1b X 25 each side. Step 2a&b: push-up ...
Tone Tuesday Tips with Hanneke
Posted @ 3:00pm ET on April 2, 2013
Blog: Pilates with Hanneke Blog
By Pilates with Hanneke
Tone Tuesday Tips are here! Save the photo to your phone to always have a tip at hand for the gym! Step 1: Lift & lower leg from A to B. Repeat x10 Step 2: Lift and lower hips from A to B. Repeat x10 Step 3: Twist upper body from A to B. Repeat ...
Mixing Business with Fitness
Posted @ 8:00am ET on March 29, 2013
Blog: Pilates with Hanneke Blog
By Pilates with Hanneke
I know many of you envy me and other Pilates or fitness instructors because we get to run around in spandex all day long. But trust me, Lulu or not - you start to feel like a spandex slob very quickly! I think you know what I'm talking about. It's great to ...
Better Results NOW
Posted @ 3:00pm ET on March 27, 2013
Blog: Pilates with Hanneke Blog
By Pilates with Hanneke
Get Better Results in Your Pilates Class Ever leave class thinking about my latest playlist more than how your body feels? (You know who you are...) Whether you're brand new to Pilates or you've been coming to class for years, there are a few simple ...
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