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Upper Body Exercise Blogs

Upper body exercises will help you work your shoulders, chest, arms and upper back. Strengthen and tone your upper body muscles with exercise and workout advice from our fitness experts. Check out these upper body exercise blogs to learn how to target each area of your upper body when you workout.

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Recent Upper Body Exercise Blogs
Tighter Arms In Minutes A Day
Posted @ 6:40am ET on July 30, 2012
Blog: Slim 'n Sexy At Any Age
By JVBody
Say good-bye to flag-waving arms -– the soft and saggy triceps muscle located between the elbow and the armpit. It's the part of the arm that when neglected waves like a flag in the wind when we raise our arm. This flag waver is the mark of an "old ...
All About CrossFit!
Posted @ 7:00am ET on July 23, 2012
Blog: Danielle Prestejohn
By DPrestejohn
Today we're covering the CrossFit basics! How to get started, what is CrossFit, how to find a good affiliate and more. So what exactly is CrossFit anyway? CrossFit is form of exercise that uses ever-changing movements performed at high intensity. You ...
Katrina's Fast and Fun Home Workout
Posted @ 6:00am ET on July 16, 2012
Blog: Fitness Expert Katrina
By FitnessExpertKatrina
In the market for a home workout? How about one that's a great combined aerobic/anaerobic workout to keep your heart pumping and your calories burning! Have fun and let me know how it goes! Most of us are short on time. So to keep things quick, it is ...
Pilates Scorcher: Get Fit Right Now!
Posted @ 7:00am ET on July 9, 2012
Blog: Pilates with Hanneke Blog
By Pilates with Hanneke
Enjoy this Ab and Arm Pilates Inspired workout that will leave your arms lean and long and your tummy toned and ripped! To add more challenge, simply increase the reps and to make things a little less challenging, place your knees on the floor ...
Is 15 Minutes Enough Time for a Good Workout?
Posted @ 6:00am ET on July 2, 2012
Blog: Trainer Pete's Blog
By Trainer Pete
If you are one of the people who uses time as an excuse and believes that 15 minutes is not enough time to get in a workout, I'm going to prove you wrong and give you a workout that will take you just 12 minutes and kick your butt! If you're skeptical, try ...
Full Body Killer: Ripped in Minutes
Posted @ 7:00am ET on June 25, 2012
Blog: Pilates with Hanneke Blog
By Pilates with Hanneke
View the Full Body Pilates STRENGTH workout below: Modifications: 1) To add more challenge, do 10-12 reps on each leg with each move. 2) If you have sensitive wrists: do all the plank exercises on your forearms. Please remember to support me in ...
Get A Sexy Back: 5 Toning Tricks
Posted @ 6:00am ET on May 28, 2012
Blog: Fitness Expert Katrina
By FitnessExpertKatrina
Ever wonder how to get such a smooth, toned back that even the tightest bra won’t show every detail? Tanks, backless shirts, dresses and all stylish tops always look better when you have a toned back. But how do you target those muscles? Most women ...
Let’s Talk Fitness Ladies!
Posted @ 7:00am ET on May 7, 2012
Blog: The Pursuit of Ultimate Wellness
By Alicia Kirschenheiter
Fitness is for everyone…and I again stress...everyone! So with that being said, achieving the desired level of fitness may be more difficult the older we get. The good news is, if you have enjoyed a healthy lifestyle full of exercise and activity prior ...
5 Popular Exercises You Should AVOID!
Posted @ 7:00am ET on April 2, 2012
Blog: More Ammo For Your Workout
By FitnessProAmmo
If you're like me, you probably started out exercising, getting your strength training information from magazines. So with a degree in magazinology, you basically followed every routine that worked out for some oversized gym rat or inexperienced model.What ...
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