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Fitness is an important part of any weight loss plan or healthy lifestyle, but in order to get fit (without getting bored!) you need the right tools. Check out our fitness blogs - written by certified fitness experts, personal trainers, yoga/Pilates instructors and medical professionals - for fitness tips and workouts.

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Mike Geary
CPT & Certified Nutrition Specialist, is the author of the international best-seller, The Truth about Six Pack ...

Jessica currently trains clients and teaches group exercise classes to all abilities in the Boston area. She ...

Lisa Avellino is one of America's top fitness experts, a celebrity trainer and the creator of the ISO-Towel ...

Arielle Novak
Arielle Novak is an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer and an Aerobics and Fitness ...

Oreet J.S., is the founder and creator of SharQui - The bellydance workout®, the ONLY fitness accredited ...

Jon Ham is the founder of Fitness On The Run, an in-home Personal Training Service, Website, Blog, and YouTube Channel. He is a former ...

Recent Fitness Blogs
Understanding Fitness Terms
Posted @ 6:00am ET on June 14, 2010
Blog: Fitness Expert Katrina
By FitnessExpertKatrina
“Now squeeze your tricep… and engage your core!” This is something typical you may see in a description of an exercise in a magazine or a video. We all know that form is very important during your workouts, but if the words do not match up to the ...
Get Active & Stay Active!
Posted @ 6:00am ET on June 14, 2010
Blog: Diet with Dr. Tabor
By Aaron Tabor, MD
In previous blogs, I've talked about the importance of being physically active. The new 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans also stresses the importance of physical activity and goes so far as to indicate that additional exercise beyond the ...
WARNING: Advanced Core Exercise Workout!
Posted @ 4:00pm ET on June 10, 2010
Blog: Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
By Stephen Cabral
You’ve seen some of my ab and core workouts in the past, but wait until you check out the moves I have for you today! I’ve taken core training to the next level in this advanced workout. We’re going to trim, tone, and tighten every inch of your ...
Muscle soreness after a workout: Is it necessary?
Posted @ 6:00am ET on June 7, 2010
Blog: More Ammo For Your Workout
By FitnessProAmmo
Have you ever had an intense workout and about a day later, you woke up feeling like someone beat you throughout the night with a wooden bat? Or about 12 hours after a leg workout you felt like stealing a walker from a senior citizen? Sounds like a case ...
Turn Off Television To Reduce Obesity Risk
Posted @ 1:15pm ET on June 3, 2010
Blog: Diet with Dr. Tabor
By Aaron Tabor, MD
The incidence of childhood obesity continues to increase around the world. There are many factors associated with obesity, whether it is childhood or adult obesity. Two related factors that are most commonly linked with the incidence of being overweight ...
It’s Time for a Change...
Posted @ 5:53pm ET on May 27, 2010
Blog: Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
By Stephen Cabral
No I’m not running for President… But I do have an important point to touch on today. It’s one that I wrote about on NutritionData and something many people have reached out to me about. It has to do with struggling to lose weight and transforming ...
The Super 13 Benefits Of Walking!
Posted @ 6:00am ET on May 24, 2010
Blog: Walk Away The Pounds!
By LeslieSansone
Hippocrates said it best when he proclaimed, “Walking is man's best medicine.” The ancient Greek physician who we now fondly refer to as The Father of Medicine knew the steps to a sound mind and body begin with your feet. Today, some 1,500 years later, ...
The why behind your weight loss
Posted @ 7:15am ET on May 21, 2010
Blog: Mind Over Platter
By RosaSmith
The “why” behind your weight loss and wellness goal will be the driving force to your ability to stay focused. Wanting to lose weight or feel better is not a strong motivator. It will diminish when life becomes hectic or stressful. You need to look within ...
NEW Video: Perfect Upper Body Bootcamp Exercise!
Posted @ 2:09pm ET on May 20, 2010
Blog: Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
By Stephen Cabral
I’ll be the first person to tell you that I’m not a huge fan of how most bootcamps are run… Simply because most of the instructors teaching the classes have the participants do way too many repetitions which can (and usually does) lead to some type of ...
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