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Fitness is an important part of any weight loss plan or healthy lifestyle, but in order to get fit (without getting bored!) you need the right tools. Check out our fitness blogs - written by certified fitness experts, personal trainers, yoga/Pilates instructors and medical professionals - for fitness tips and workouts.

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Katrina Hodgson, NASM CPT, BS Health Science, has helped thousands reach their goals by designing fitness ...

For the past 27 years, Leslie has been showing people that our bodies are made to move. With her boundless energy ...

Wendie Pett, a nationally recognized name in the fitness industry, is passionate about motivating and encouraging ...

Aja Davis is a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach. She owns New Body Boot Camp & Wellness, ...

Louise has been harnessing her energy through exercise since her parents enrolled her in gymnastics at 3 years ...

Oreet J.S., is the founder and creator of SharQui - The bellydance workout®, the ONLY fitness accredited ...

Recent Fitness Blogs
No Rest Day in Sparta, Unbreakable Man Laws
Posted @ 2:00pm ET on February 23, 2010
By Fitness Experts Whitney and Byron
Posting a recent interview for Unbreakable Man Laws. Lot of health and fitness tips for GUYS and GALS. Enjoy! No Rest Day in Sparta: Interview w/ Trainer, Whitney M. Cole Unbreakable Man Laws http://unbreakablemanlaws.com/ As you can see, Whitney's ...
The 'No Excuses' Workout Plan
Posted @ 6:00am ET on February 22, 2010
Blog: Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
By Stephen Cabral
One of the biggest challenges you may face is finding the time to exercise. I've found that the best way to overcome this issue is to actually schedule it into your day like you would any other appointment that you're expected to keep. However, ...
Skinny Jeans Workout: 6 Sexy Moves.
Posted @ 3:00am ET on February 18, 2010
Blog: Fitness Expert Katrina
By FitnessExpertKatrina
Hey guys-- Katrina here from Tone It Up. Many of you have been asking what to do to fit into your skinny jeans... thigh exercises and to get rid of that muffin top. Well here is my Skinny Jeans Workout!!! There is nothing sexier than a woman in her ...
Jacked Trainer? Hot Trainer? Dumb Trainer?
Posted @ 9:00am ET on February 13, 2010
Blog: Trainer Pete's Blog
By Trainer Pete
You have been having a tough time reaching your goals on your own and you decide to hire a personal trainer to help you push it to the next level. You go to your gym and take a look at the trainers available to you. Who should you hire? 1. That ...
Salad Savvy
Posted @ 6:00am ET on February 8, 2010
Blog: Fresh Ideas for Healthy Living
By Cheryl Tallman
By Cheryl Tallman www.FreshBaby.com You may have heard people comment that lettuce is just empty calories. This is just not true. While iceberg lettuce is not a nutritional powerhouse, other salad greens are nutritional champions. As a general rule, ...
Video Demo: Lower Abs Exercise You Can Do Anywhere
Posted @ 7:29pm ET on February 4, 2010
Blog: Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
By Stephen Cabral
The exercise video I want to show you today demonstrates a powerful lower abs exercise. It’s called “Bench Leg Lifts using a Full ROM” The reason why it’s so much more effective than regular leg lifts is that you can actually stretch your lower abs ...
Why Women Should NOT Lift Weights!
Posted @ 6:00am ET on January 25, 2010
Blog: Trainer Pete's Blog
By Trainer Pete
Ok, Ok...now that I have your attention. OF COURSE women should lift weights! Surprisingly enough, I still get women coming into my studio with the attitude "I don't lift weights because I don't want to bulk up." Many times, right after they ...
New Video: BOSU Weight Loss Interval Workout!
Posted @ 6:00pm ET on January 21, 2010
Blog: Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
By Stephen Cabral
Have you ever seen that funny looking blue “half ball” at your local gym or sports store? Believe it or not, it has a name… It’s called a BOSU Balance Trainer and if you’re ever at a trivia party and someone asks you what “BOSU” stands for you can ...
Stepping Up to a New You - Dumbbell Step Ups
Posted @ 7:00am ET on January 18, 2010
Blog: Flat Stomach Workout + Diet Blog
By Melissa Wall
Its a New Year and its time to give you a new exercise to step up your workout and help you reach your flat stomach goals. Time to get you off the treadmill and into the weight room to burn fat more efficiently and effectively! This week's flat ...
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