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Fitness is an important part of any weight loss plan or healthy lifestyle, but in order to get fit (without getting bored!) you need the right tools. Check out our fitness blogs - written by certified fitness experts, personal trainers, yoga/Pilates instructors and medical professionals - for fitness tips and workouts.

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Diet.com’s Fitness Bloggers
Dr. Diet, is here to provide you with the best diet, fitness and nutrition tips and news. As a respected expert ...

Katherine Roberts
Katherine Roberts is founder and president of the FlexFit program that promotes flexibility, fitness, performance ...

Fitness Experts Whitney and Byron
Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor & Nutrition Counselor, Whitney Cole is your triple-threat in the fight against fat! Exercise ...

Aja Davis is a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach. She owns New Body Boot Camp & Wellness, ...

Lisa Avellino is one of America's top fitness experts, a celebrity trainer and the creator of the ISO-Towel ...

Pilates with Hanneke
Hanneke's love for movement started many years ago at the ballet barre. After graduating with a Bachelors of ...

Recent Fitness Blogs
No Excuses: Fitting In A Fast Video Workout
Posted @ 7:00am ET on December 21, 2009
Blog: Fitness Expert Katrina
By FitnessExpertKatrina
With the holiday craziness you may have a hard time getting to the gym or fitting in your fitness routine. For the next two weeks think about moving whenever you can. I have a solution for you. I made a travel workout program you will find by first ...
Finding Time for Fitness
Posted @ 7:00am ET on November 30, 2009
Blog: Look Great Naked! with Brad Schoenfeld, CSCS
By BradSchoenfeld
"I just don't have time to work out!" Sound familiar? Perhaps the biggest excuse for not exercising is a lack of time. This was a primary impetus for my new book, Women's Home Workout Bible. There is a prevailing misperception that exercise requires a ...
Lose Your Turkey Legs for the Holidays
Posted @ 2:59pm ET on November 25, 2009
Blog: Slim 'n Sexy At Any Age
By JVBody
Lose Your Turkey Legs for the Holidays (by New Years!!) Two of the most complained about areas from women are the inner thighs and the sagging front thighs. On a really bad day they look like gigantic out of shape turkey legs. I’m talking ...
The Best Thanksgiving Diet Survival Guide!
Posted @ 7:00am ET on November 23, 2009
Blog: Celebrities and Diet
By Diet Diva
Burn calories this Thanksgiving instead of packing on the pounds. Here are the best tips I've seen around the internet, health magazines, and talk shows. They are realistic and simple to remember. Here is my workout video with Diet.com Fitness Expert ...
Try this Weight Loss Experiment... (recommended)
Posted @ 7:00am ET on November 16, 2009
Blog: Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
By Stephen Cabral
Last week I was speaking with a new client by phone when she told me “it’s impossible for me to lose weight…” I let her speak and go on about her previous weight loss attempts, diet plans, and failed exercise routines for about 3 minutes straight... She ...
Is the Gym Making You Sick??
Posted @ 7:00am ET on October 26, 2009
Blog: Workout Tips to Help you Look and Feel Your Best
By SavvyTrainer
Since it's flu season and that's the hottest health buzz these days, we are increasingly aware of the germs that surround us. A health club is certainly one of the most "germy" places most people will ever go into. Each day you can have hundreds of people ...
1-Minute Intense AB Exercise!
Posted @ 7:00am ET on October 5, 2009
Blog: Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
By Stephen Cabral
In today’s 1-minute AB exercise I’m going to show you how to strengthen every muscle of your core and abs in just one move! It’s called a “V-Crunch” and it’s a combination of a boat pose, or “V” pose, and a crunch. The secret to this powerful AB ...
How I Got Fit for my Wedding
Posted @ 7:00am ET on September 21, 2009
Blog: Workout Tips to Help you Look and Feel Your Best
By SavvyTrainer
In the last 5 years I have always been pretty committed to my workouts. When I got engaged last summer I instantly knew I was going to have to kick up my workouts another notch if I wanted to look as good as I hoped for my wedding. I can't say I did ...
You Can't Spot Reduce--But you can Spot Change!!
Posted @ 1:09pm ET on September 10, 2009
Blog: Slim 'n Sexy At Any Age
By JVBody
For years people have been confused about this issue. They say, "You can't spot reduce." True. You can't spot reduce by dieting. But you can SPOT CHANGE. What and how? You can spot change by working a particular body part. Even in life, you will see ...
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