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Abs Exercise Blogs

If you want a strong core and flat stomach, check out our core and abs exercise blogs. Written by Diet.comís fitness experts, the tips and workouts in these exercise blogs will teach you how to work your abs, obliques, stomach and lower back. Spice up your abs workouts with new fitness ideas to help you flatten your stomach and get a tight, toned midsection!

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Diet.comís Fitness Bloggers
Johnís ďcommon manĒ approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during ...

Ammoís ďone body, one mindĒ approach has made him a top fitness professional. His experience in nutrition, rehab, ...

Erica Bornstein is a yoga teacher, dancer, and lover of all movement. Erica believes that yoga can be an embodied ...

Matt Perkins is a certified personal trainer, fitness video producer and mixed martial arts enthusiast. He is ...

Oreet J.S., is the founder and creator of SharQui - The bellydance workout®, the ONLY fitness accredited ...

Shannon Clark
Shannon Clark has a degree in Exercise Science and is an AFLCA certified personal trainer. She has written on the topics of health, ...

Recent Abs Exercise Blogs
Full Body Killer: Ripped in Minutes
Posted @ 7:00am ET on June 25, 2012
Blog: Pilates with Hanneke Blog
By Pilates with Hanneke
View the Full Body Pilates STRENGTH workout below: Modifications: 1) To add more challenge, do 10-12 reps on each leg with each move. 2) If you have sensitive wrists: do all the plank exercises on your forearms. Please remember to support me in ...
Get Leaner Lower Abs: 15 Tips
Posted @ 7:00am ET on June 18, 2012
Blog: Jimmy Smith's Physique Transformation Blog
By Jimmy Smith
The lower ab. You know the lower ab, right? That area on your six pack that just wonít pop out... the sexy lower ab area that everyone wants but almost no one can get. Itís almost funny when I look at all the lower ab information on the market today. ...
Flat Abs- How to??
Posted @ 12:00am ET on June 12, 2012
Blog: Fitness Expert Katrina
By FitnessExpertKatrina
Spring is here and I have received many questions this week on how to flatten your tummy!! With bathing suits right around the corner and summer dresses, we want to be able to fit into the clothes we want to wear and feel great in! Tightening up your abs ...
5 Popular Exercises You Should AVOID!
Posted @ 7:00am ET on April 2, 2012
Blog: More Ammo For Your Workout
By FitnessProAmmo
If you're like me, you probably started out exercising, getting your strength training information from magazines. So with a degree in magazinology, you basically followed every routine that worked out for some oversized gym rat or inexperienced model.What ...
Get Bikini Ready w/ This Ab & Arm Pilates Routine
Posted @ 7:00am ET on March 19, 2012
Blog: Pilates with Hanneke Blog
By Pilates with Hanneke
Get yourself ready for summer with this fabulous arm and ab workout! You'll have lean and toned arms with the perfect stomach in no time! Modifications: You can do all the exercises with no weights, should it be too challenging or if you have a lot ...
Stability Ball Crunches
Posted @ 6:00am ET on March 12, 2012
Blog: Look Great Naked! with Brad Schoenfeld, CSCS
By BradSchoenfeld
No exercise is more popular for training the abdominals than the good old crunch. A common question is whether it's best to perform crunches on the floor (stable surface) or on a stability ball (unstable surface). With respect to abdominal development, ...
Pilates: Challenge Your Arms, Abs and Booty
Posted @ 7:00am ET on February 20, 2012
Blog: Pilates with Hanneke Blog
By Pilates with Hanneke
Pilates with Hanneke Video: Easy Moves for a Super Hot Mod Bod in 3min. This workout will challenge your arm strength, shape your booty and tone up your abdominal muscles. Modifications: 1) To make this series more challenging, repeat the ...
Work Your Thighs & Abs With This Pilates Video
Posted @ 7:00am ET on February 6, 2012
Blog: Pilates with Hanneke Blog
By Pilates with Hanneke
A Pilates inspired exercise in side plank, doing some of the Pilates side leg series. This clip targets your glutes, abs and shoulders. Extra Modification Tips: If you're having trouble keeping yourself up on your elbow, then lie flat on the mat ...
Yoga for Core Strength (Video)
Posted @ 6:00am ET on February 6, 2012
Blog: The Dancing Yogini
By Erica Bornstein
There are many reasons you should build your core strength. With a strong core, you can alleviate back pain, look slimmer and taller, and improve your overall functionality. In my opinion, the "Core" is too often seen as only the superficial abdominal ...
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