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Wendie Pett, a nationally recognized name in the fitness industry, is passionate about motivating and encouraging people to make fitness and nutrition part of their daily routine. The essence of beauty—mind, body and spirit—is what Wendie Pett is all about.

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Visibly Fit: Mind, Body & Spirit!
by Wendie Pett, Fitness and Lifestyle expert

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Perfect Weight... How Low Should You Go?
posted @ 6:00am ET on May 19, 2014 Wait! What IS your perfect weight? I know you've heard people talking about getting down to their ideal weight, but do they really know what it is? ...
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Healthy Lunch Idea: Salmon Avocado Sandwich
posted @ 6:00am ET on January 20, 2014 This week you can catch me in a special Diet.com video where I show you a yummy sandwich concoction that I put together - a delicious baked salmon ...
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Learn To Be A Kid Again
posted @ 8:00am ET on May 21, 2013 As the season begins to change in the direction of summer, life begins to emerge around us. From budding flowers to long sunny days the gift of ...
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3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Diet
posted @ 6:30am ET on April 22, 2013 There is no denying the importance of exercise in helping you achieve your weight loss goals. But, today I want to write about the importance of your ...
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The Skinny On Fats
posted @ 9:00am ET on March 26, 2013 Are you consumed with the idea of staying as far away from fat as possible -- only purchasing foods that say low-fat, no-fat and skim? Take a look ...
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Meal Time Makes Quality Family Time
posted @ 8:00am ET on March 19, 2013 Nourishing your body through healthy meals can also nourish family relationships. Whether it's in the home or at a restaurant, there is a reason that ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 22 results

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