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Julia Havey is a woman very much like you. She’s a wife, mother, church volunteer, room mom, carpool driver, author, spokesperson and motivator. Julia’s struggles with weight led to her new career as an author (The Vice Busting Diet and Awaken the Diet Within), an advocate for obesity issues and the master motivator here at Diet.com.

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Vice Busting with Julia Havey
by Julia Havey, Diet.com Coach & Motivator

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5 New Year’s Resolutions YOU should make
posted @ 4:00pm ET on December 31, 2009 It is that time of year again, New Year’s Eve! Every year we great the arrival of the coming new year with many of the same traditions…ball dropping ...
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Happy Laboring
posted @ 9:19am ET on September 7, 2009 Labor of love, laboring, laborers, in labor… There are many uses to the word Labor. In honor of all of those who labor, let’s explore where or how ...
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posted @ 4:00pm ET on June 20, 2009 Secrets of the Fittest...can you keep a secret. Better yet, can you use hese secrets to change your life and your body for the better?! If you did ...
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5 Tips for Quick, Easy Weight Loss!
posted @ 9:00am ET on June 15, 2009 How many times have you wished that you could swallow a pill and wake up in the morning thinner? It would be really nice if such a pill existed, but ...
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How to break a bad habit….forever!
posted @ 9:00am ET on April 28, 2009 SNAP, CRACKLE...POP! I would like for you to take a moment and figure out what your WORST habit is. The absolute, hands down WORST thing that you ...
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Spring into action!
posted @ 10:31pm ET on March 25, 2009 Quick...look outside! Do you see daffodils in bloom? Are the crocuses in your yard popping up? How did the bulbs that are now blooming into glorious ...
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Displaying posts 25-30 of 71 results

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