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Dr. Diet, is here to provide you with the best diet, fitness and nutrition tips and news. As a respected expert in the field of Health and Wellness, he's passionate about helping folks take control of their health and lose weight. And he does it all while "walking the walk" when it comes to eating healthy and being physically active!

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Diet Talk from the Doc
by Dr.Diet, Diet.com's Medical Director

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College weight gain
posted @ 12:00am ET on November 3, 2006 Weight gain during Freshman year is more like the Freshman 5 to 7 vs. the Freshman 15, according to new studies that also found a 2-3 pound weight ...
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Fed up with fad diets
posted @ 12:00am ET on October 27, 2006 More than 69% of Americans say they’re less likely to try a fad diet compared to five years ago, according to a new national survey released by the ...
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The Biggest Loser Competition
posted @ 12:00am ET on October 25, 2006 Competitive weight loss shows like the Biggest Loser make people who lose less weight feel bad about themselves, according to diet experts. ...
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Sweet diet treat: occasional or frequent?
posted @ 12:00am ET on October 12, 2006 School districts are cracking down on classroom treats like cupcakes and cookies in an effort to thwart the obesity epidemic that is affecting our ...
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Calorie counts on grocery receipts?
posted @ 12:00am ET on October 6, 2006 Listing calories per portion on the front of food packages was the preferred method of communicating nutritional information to consumers, according ...
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Food giant diverts blame for obesity
posted @ 12:00am ET on September 29, 2006 McDonald’s blames our sedentary lifestyle as the major villain in the rise in child obesity, saying the lack of physical activity is a larger cause ...
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Displaying posts 295-300 of 309 results

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