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Lisa Cain, Ph.D., is the CEO of Snack-Girl.com. She has been featured in Glamour.com, The Consumerist, and the LA Time's Health Blog, among others. She is an author, mother, wife and advocate for healthy snacks.

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Healthy Snacks with Snack Girl
by Lisa Cain, Snack Girl

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Apple and Peanut Butter Oatmeal
posted @ 6:20am ET on January 20, 2014 Are you bored with your oatmeal? Let's give it a makeover! Yes, Snack Girl finds oatmeal a bit dull and is always looking for ways to improve ...
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Easy Yummy Low-Cal Snack
posted @ 6:00am ET on August 19, 2013 Do you sometimes get bored with the same old snack? Perhaps the snack you brought to work is SO dull, you make a little trip to the vending ...
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Replace Potato Chips With This Healthy Snack
posted @ 7:00am ET on June 1, 2013 How about DIY (do-it-yourself) apple CHIP? Yes, a crunchy apple chip to replace your greasy potato chip. It might not work as a replacement but it is ...
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DIY: Skinny Candy Recipe!
posted @ 6:00am ET on August 13, 2012 Let me introduce you to "Chocolate Crackle". This stuff is seriously yummy and fun. My inspiration was the new Skinny Cow candy that I saw in the ...
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Light Tuna Melt Recipe
posted @ 6:00am ET on July 9, 2012 Tuna melts use to be a staple in my college dorm. One cup mayonnaise, a little tuna, and say the word "green" and you had lunch! As you age, you ...
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Make Your Own Popsicles!
posted @ 6:40am ET on June 25, 2012 Is anyone else craving something cold? Man, it was hot this weekend and I all I could think about was beer POPSICLES. Popsicles are SO easy to ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 22 results

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