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Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor & Nutrition Counselor, Whitney Cole is your triple-threat in the fight against fat! Exercise Physiologist, Sports Conditioning Coach & Corrective Exercise Specialist, Byron Paidoussi sculpts athletes & average joes into superheroes! Regarded as the most "innovative, motivating & results-delivering" trainers in Hollywood, Byron & Whitney have been featured in Muscle & Fitness, Shape, Fitness, InTouch & US Weekly. This husband & wife team inspires clients to exceed their fitness potential by developing customized total-body conditioning & performance nutrition plans. Clientele includes celebrities, pro athletes and Angelenos simply aiming to lose weight & tone up. For success story photos, recipes & articles: www.fitnessandfuel-la.com

Meet Whitney Cole & Byron Paidoussi, Hollywood's Personal Training "It Couple"

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by Whitney Cole & Byron Paidoussi, Hollywood's Personal Training "It Couple", Fitness & Nutrition Phenom

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A Healthy Irish Breakfast for St. Patrick's Day
posted @ 6:00am ET on March 13, 2015 I'm aware both friends and clients will be drinking on St. Patrick's Day. Not a saint myself. However, let's start with a hearty and healthy Irish ...
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Top 10 Tips to Fight Hunger Cravings
posted @ 7:00am ET on September 23, 2013 While in Korea, I learned the fantastically useful phrase: ip shimshim hae, which literally translates to "mouth boredom" in English. Clearly, ...
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Top 10 Things NOT to Do in the Gym
posted @ 6:00am ET on July 15, 2013 I spend a lot of time in the gym with my clients or kicking my own butt. On a daily basis I see gym goers make numerous asinine, pointless and ...
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Top 5 Mistakes Impeding Your Progress in the Gym
posted @ 8:00am ET on July 14, 2013 Here are the top 5 mistakes you're making in the gym that are impeding your progress! 1) Never changing your rep ranges. We've seen it many ...
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Cream Cheese Frosting - Sugar Free & Reduced Fat!
posted @ 8:00am ET on July 11, 2013 Try this recipe for delicious sugar free, reduced fat cream cheese frosting! Ice brownies, red velvet cake, cookies... whatever you dream ...
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Tom Yum Goong Soup - Low Sodium, High Fiber
posted @ 6:00am ET on July 8, 2013 Here's a recipe for that fantastic hot and sour shrimp soup we all love at Thai restaurants. While I adore it, I've avoided making it myself as many ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 37 results

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