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Cheryl Tallman is the founder of Fresh Baby (www.FreshBaby.com). For more than 10 years, Fresh Baby helped has helped parents foster their children.s healthy eating habits and proactively respond to the childhood obesity epidemic that plagues our nation. Cheryl is the author and designer of the company's award-winning cookbooks and nutrition education products that support many stages of family life including: pregnancy, breastfeeding, introducing solid foods, and feeding toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children.

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Fresh Ideas for Healthy Living
by Cheryl Tallman, Healthy Eating

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Go Low on Salt
posted @ 6:00am ET on April 21, 2014 Salt content is listed on food Nutrition Fact labels as sodium. The words "salt" and "sodium" do not mean the same thing, but they are often used ...
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Dig In! Gardening with Your Kids
posted @ 6:00am ET on March 10, 2014 The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that more than 60 percent of our children do not eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables ...
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Valentine's Day with Your Little Ones
posted @ 8:00am ET on February 11, 2014 There are many historical events and legends that have made February 14 as we now know it today, but most recently, Valentine's Day is marked by the ...
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Changing Unhealthy Habits a Step at a Time
posted @ 6:00am ET on January 13, 2014 We have the power to influence young children to make healthy food choices. Children develop their behaviors and habits from observing ours. If ...
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Festive Vegetable Side Dishes
posted @ 6:00am ET on December 23, 2013 Side dishes made with lightly cooked fresh vegetables can add rich flavor, festive color and a dose of delicious nutrition to your holiday dinner ...
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Healthy Holiday Pot Luck
posted @ 6:20am ET on November 18, 2013 The holidays are hectic, and cooking for the masses can cause stress during what is supposed to be a joyful time. A pot luck dinner party is a ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 43 results

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