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Janes Space

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Healthy Heart
posted @ 7:55pm ET on August 8, 2007 Just a quick check in to see how everyone is doing! My day was awesome. Cardiac rehab orientation went very well. I will start my first exercise ...
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Cardiac Rehab Orientation Tommorrow!
posted @ 7:34pm ET on August 7, 2007 Wow, its been quite a while since I've blogged here. Thought I'd check in on a couple of my buddys here at Glad to see you are doing ...
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Quiet Saturday Afternoon
posted @ 3:34pm ET on July 21, 2007 Not much happening here today. Its extremely quiet in the neighborhood. Typically on a weekend you can hear kids playing and lots of cars coming ...
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Labels....Calories...full time job!
posted @ 1:03pm ET on July 20, 2007 Happy Friday to everyone out there at! By the time we all get educated on eating healthy, we will have earned a degree!! LOL!! Hubby and I ...
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No Curves or gym yet...sad day....
posted @ 7:55am ET on July 19, 2007 Things didn't go very well at my workout on Wednesday. I was so excited. Got there and met Michelle (the owner) she was really nice and explained ...
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Chapter 10 -- 100% yippee!!!
posted @ 7:25am ET on July 17, 2007 Yesterday was a productive day for me :) 100% on my test on the Nervous System. Whew...glad thats over, now for Chapter 11 Cardiac. With my heart ...
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Displaying posts 13-18 of 24 results

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