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Tracey's Journey Blog

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spring fever
posted @ 9:23pm ET on February 18, 2014 The weather has finally turned nice. It is so nice to be outside, it really made me long for spring. I can't wait for walks with my dogs and ...
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Back to the grindstone
posted @ 12:38am ET on February 17, 2014 Working the overnight tonight after a crazy weekend. I tried to catch up on sleep from working the overnights last week but I ended up going to my ...
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Working the over nights
posted @ 12:26am ET on February 14, 2014 Been a busy with overnights, it is so hard to get on a schedule and routine. However it helps with meal control since when you get off work all you ...
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Busy, Busy
posted @ 8:18am ET on February 11, 2014 This has been a really busy week with kids conferences and work commitments. The good news is I am still planing meals and packing lunches. The bad ...
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Midway through the week
posted @ 8:33am ET on February 5, 2014 I did not have a very restful night last night and I am struggling this morning. I would really like to just go back to bed. Back is still tender, ...
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Tweeked my back
posted @ 8:58am ET on February 4, 2014 I don't know what I did or how I did it, but I hurt my back. I was fine after my work out on Friday and I spent all day in a gym on bleachers on ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 249 results

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