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Tracey's Journey Blog

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Day two Results
posted @ 12:42pm ET on December 1, 2015 2 days down of the 24 day challenge. I have sucessfully kept from soda, chips and sweets. I have also kept with the increased fruit and veggies. I ...
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Day one success
posted @ 9:01am ET on November 30, 2015 Yesterday I kept myself away from soda, chips and sweets. All items I have banned for the next 24 days. Sounds simple but someday I think that is all ...
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24 day Focus
posted @ 11:15am ET on November 29, 2015 I'm back. I do my best health practices when I hold myself accountable. The last few months I have felt very unhealthy and a little depressed. I have ...
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Six week Challenge
posted @ 9:11am ET on September 1, 2015 Day 2 of the no caffine quest. I am cutting out all soda cold turkey. It's like a band aid and I'm ripping it off. I had a headache yesterday, but ...
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Back to healthy changes
posted @ 3:24am ET on August 1, 2015 I've been away from the site for a while because work has been crazy busy and lets face it sometimes life just happens. As usual I stop thinking of ...
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Spring soon please
posted @ 12:30pm ET on February 24, 2015 Here in the midwest it has been cold. With the cold weather comes the desire to snuggle with puppies, wrap up in blankets and dress in layers. I am ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 284 results

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