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Bobbie Blogs

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week 6 motivational topic
posted @ 12:38am ET on August 2, 2007 Is it week 6 already?? WOW. How do I keep myself motivated to workout. This has been a big struggle of mine. It has always been hard to get ...
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milkshakes and pizza
posted @ 10:10pm ET on July 27, 2007 The cravings are getting to me. Watching the kids drink milkshakes all week and hearing a good friend talk about pizza (:P) Has got me craving ...
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running low
posted @ 12:40am ET on July 26, 2007 I did manage to get my work out in today. I'm glad about that. It felt good to be physically active. Tonight I just feel kinda tired and outta ...
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Help the OREOS have arrived
posted @ 11:42pm ET on July 24, 2007 If you've read my blogs you know that my daughter had surgery Friday. Well on thing she really wanted was an oreo shake, like they have at Jack in ...
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week four end week five begins
posted @ 10:35pm ET on July 23, 2007 Week four was not a good diet or exercise week. My daughter had her tonsils out on Friday. So all week we were doing things to get ready for it and ...
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at least i got my workout in
posted @ 10:33pm ET on July 18, 2007 Today was a not so great diet day. I didn't really think to much about it until I started counting my calories...HOLY MOLY I haven't calculated ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 22 results

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