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Kath Aging Gracefully

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Still losing, slowly
posted @ 3:34pm ET on October 12, 2007 I'm down to 204. And that's using my scale--it's even more if I use my doctor's! : ) Just eating low fat foods. Bought a food processor, but ...
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posted @ 7:24pm ET on August 30, 2007 Hello everybody! Hope you all are doing fine and enjoying your lives. All is well with me. I am continuing to lose weight, slowly. I've lost 18 ...
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Less to love
posted @ 10:30am ET on August 7, 2007 This will be quick because I've bought another knitting machine and have to drive to another town to pick it up. (!!!) The next few weeks are going ...
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Plugging Along
posted @ 10:34pm ET on August 2, 2007 I've lost a couple more pounds. Depending on which scale you use, either 6 or 8. I am feeling more like me, I notice the hips are less hippy and ...
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Thanks for the Prayers for my Son
posted @ 3:42pm ET on July 28, 2007 Thank all of you who have been praying for my son and have expressed kind thoughts! He is still in the hospital and is having a blood transfusion ...
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Night on the Town and some bad news
posted @ 1:13pm ET on July 26, 2007 Gourmet dining at it's finest? Well, it's most expensive anyway. We had dinner at an exclusive restaurant last night, courtesy of my husband's boss. ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 34 results

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