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Olivia's DIET BLOG

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Going to try
posted @ 9:47pm ET on November 28, 2012 I keep telling my self, YES IM GOING TO BE THIN! but nothing. I really wanna just stop eating! UGH so stupid
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Ugh I suck at this,
posted @ 3:33am ET on August 29, 2012 Hi guys i did really well first 2 weeks but everything...ugh i gained it all up again, lazy, tired. Ive not been caring. I bought a outfit a smaller ...
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This is going to be hard.
posted @ 8:14am ET on July 26, 2012 Well this is my beginning of my diet story. It was only 2 weeks ago I started my diet. okay well some things about me young teenager, girl, weight: ...
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