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Una's Diet

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Feeling a bit depressed
posted @ 2:03pm ET on May 7, 2014 Well.. I'm just feeling low. Feels like nothing's right. The good thing is that I'm still sticking to eating healthy. Hope you all are doing ...
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Some pictures
posted @ 10:21am ET on May 6, 2014 So... here are some pictures...before and after 1 month. Does it look like I've lost some weight? Before: Now:
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Being a naughty naughty dieter!
posted @ 7:27am ET on May 4, 2014 Soooo.... After a month going stronger than ever, I failed... Yesterday I ate pasta with mushrooms and chicken + chocolate! Today, for breakfast, ...
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Still going strong
posted @ 12:32pm ET on May 1, 2014 Just felt like writing that I'm still going strong. I don't exercise as much as I did when I was on my vacation, but I still make sure that I eat ...
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Dessert for a sweet-tooth :)
posted @ 11:45am ET on April 25, 2014 Here comes a desert kind of dish I've been eating sometimes. Slice a banana, add two spoons of plain yogurt and cinnamon. It tastes really ...
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My exercise
posted @ 5:41am ET on April 23, 2014 So, yesterday I didn't exercise much cause I was out in the town. Went to Zoo, spent three hours walking there + 2 h walking around the city. I think ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 104 results

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