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College Cutie

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posted @ 4:47pm ET on November 26, 2012 Hello everybody, I know it's been a long time since I've last posted. I got lost and had some trouble. I have recently discovered that I have ...
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posted @ 1:58pm ET on August 16, 2012 So this may sound weird, but Miley Cyrus inspired me today. I usually don't read up on Miley Cyrus or celebrity gossip in general, but this article ...
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Fitness Jar Update!
posted @ 11:52pm ET on August 13, 2012 Here's a pic of my fitness jar! There's a five in there with some ones. The great part about it is that I've been feeling lately as if I don't ...
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Second of the Day
posted @ 11:48am ET on August 12, 2012 Hi, so I know I posted earlier, but I'm just feeling great! I looked in the mirror after working out, and I could just see even the smallest ...
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Happy Again
posted @ 9:28am ET on August 12, 2012 Hello people! I'm thinking that yesterday was just an off day in general. But today I'm feeling much better. I'm thinking of adding some abs to my ...
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posted @ 6:55pm ET on August 11, 2012 It's been really hard to stay on track lately for some reason. I'm down to 162 pounds now, but I'm seriously having trouble staying focused. :(
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 14 results

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