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My Journey

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9 pounds in a month? Challenge ACCEPTED!
posted @ 11:17am ET on December 17, 2011 My short-term goal for a while has been to be 145 by the time of auditions for the theatre department in January. Auditions are on like the 17th or ...
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Toquitos, ranch and pasta... oh my!
posted @ 7:54pm ET on December 14, 2011 Exam time has totally wrecked my diet. Sleep-deprived nights, getting sick, stress... blah!!! However it's almost over! Tomorrow I have my last exam, ...
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Sold my soul... kinda...
posted @ 2:55pm ET on December 12, 2011 I feel so completely down right now. I really needed some extra cash and so, in a last resort action, I gathered together all of my theatre textbooks ...
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So a few things...
posted @ 9:52pm ET on December 10, 2011 Last night the theatre and dance department had it's holiday banquet. The theme this year was "10 Year Reunion"... which was the suggestion I made... ...
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How many calories are burned when you sleep?
posted @ 9:50am ET on December 9, 2011 So I've gotten into the probably horrible habit of coming home from school and napping on my couch. Now when I say napping.... I mean at least an ...
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Gym for the first time in about a month!
posted @ 1:12pm ET on December 5, 2011 So I've been pretty slack-tastic about going to the gym lately. I got sick and started doing Zumba at home in the mornings before class instead of ...
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Displaying posts 175-180 of 284 results

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