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Carlotta's Scales of Justice

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Spring Fitness Challenge - What week is it?
posted @ 12:20am ET on May 5, 2012 Lord! It's been a bad week. Finals started last Friday; that was also the day I became a temporary employee at the job I worked for the last 12 ...
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Spring Fitness Challenge Wk 3
posted @ 2:40pm ET on April 21, 2012 I was a lazy sot this week. I did weights once, one time, on Monday, and that's it. I've been stressed out and stress-eating like a race horse, but ...
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Spring Fitness Challenge Wk 2
posted @ 3:46pm ET on April 17, 2012 ok, slightly late, but the week did not go as planned. I didn't lose anything but I went down a size so that's good.
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Any idea? Anyone?
posted @ 11:05am ET on April 9, 2012 I don't know what to have for lunch. I had no healthy leftovers from Easter so I didn't bring my lunch. I have 640 calories, 38 fat grams and 40 ...
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Spring Fitness Challege Wk 1 wrap up
posted @ 11:03pm ET on April 8, 2012 Well, I did the workout 3 times with 10/12 lb weights. It was doable, and I was quite sweaty afterwards. I didn't weight myself today, though. I ...
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Spring Fitness Challenge Wk 1
posted @ 7:54pm ET on April 2, 2012 "before" photos...dah, dah, daaaaah... well, crap Wgt: 251.8 lbs
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 16 results

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