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time for a change

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doing good
posted @ 1:35am ET on July 31, 2012 I've been steadily losing weight but I hit a little road block at 185 I keep staying here or dropping down to 184 then just staying in between, I ...
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gym again
posted @ 8:54pm ET on January 23, 2012 so i started back at the gym again, it was crowded but i felt amazing when i was finished and i felt even better the next day! the only problem is ...
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back on
posted @ 9:50pm ET on January 19, 2012 I seem to always forget about my blog on here, i remember how i used to be so committed to writing and I'm going to start that again! since my last ...
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going good
posted @ 12:48pm ET on December 3, 2011 I haven't been able to exercise that much, but i have been watching what I've been eating. I decided i cant deprive myself of all the foods i love ...
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why do i keep doing this???
posted @ 8:17pm ET on November 28, 2011 i started at 195 and got all the way down to 182 i was going pretty strong but BAM i hit a ruff spot and work overwhelmed me and i stopped having ...
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long time no blog
posted @ 11:40pm ET on October 1, 2011 I haven't been on in almost 3 weeks! But things have been going good this morning i was down to 181.2!!!! which i was really excited about, I'm ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 26 results

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