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Getting my sexy back..

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10K Fail...Victory in 5K
posted @ 11:01am ET on October 23, 2012 Well I had a 10k trail run planned for October, but my brother said it may be to hard. So he signed me up for another small race last weekend and I ...
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Before and After Pictures
posted @ 3:50pm ET on September 27, 2012 This really has been a great motivation. Ive always been the type of girl that has always been happy with her self. Ive always know I was ...
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Pictures of Mud Run
posted @ 9:53am ET on September 20, 2012 I will let you guys know that this was a blast and I cant wait for me. I really want to start taking more pictures of these events. ...
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posted @ 4:28pm ET on September 18, 2012 Well I made it even though I didnt want to I did it. I want to take you guys back a few days before the mud run. So you all know my best friend is ...
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8 More Days
posted @ 10:27am ET on September 7, 2012 Ohh Lordy I have 8 days until the big huge race. Im super nervouse and I really have alot of doubt. Not to mention that my best friend is supposed to ...
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14 More Days Until Mud Run
posted @ 12:10pm ET on August 31, 2012 So I looked up online about the mud run and it wasnt certain how many obsticales were going to be in this 3.1 mile run until yesterday. I finally ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 84 results

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