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Amber's Tell All

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Very hungry!
posted @ 11:29am ET on January 18, 2011 Good Tuesday Morning to you! I am starving. I was running a little late this morning trying to get my dog her anti-d&a and forgot to grab something ...
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Change of plans
posted @ 2:12pm ET on January 17, 2011 I changed my workout schedule for today. I was going to do my video twice but only did it once, and did thirty minutes of just dancing. It probably ...
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Beginning of Week 2!
posted @ 12:16pm ET on January 17, 2011 It is week 2! My milestone for this week is to work out at least 4 days. I am going to try for 5 though. The last couple of weeks have been about ...
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I wish I had five more minutes....
posted @ 5:58pm ET on January 16, 2011 Well, everyone, it is the end of week 1! I can tell that everyone is do great. Wow! I wasn't able to get on here yesterday and I had three pages ...
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posted @ 6:29pm ET on January 14, 2011 Well, I finally got me a scale. I definitely like my mother's scale better. I went up four pounds. But I know I have still lost weight. I thought ...
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A little more about me.
posted @ 8:14am ET on January 14, 2011 Well, I think it time that y'all get to know me a little better. First of all, I am an Assistant Teacher for a Middle School Special Education class ...
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Displaying posts 181-186 of 202 results

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