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Amber's Tell All

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Finally the gym.
posted @ 2:17pm ET on July 20, 2012 So my hubby has an eight hour day today instead of eleven. He promised that when he gets in, he will go to the gym and add me to his membership. ...
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Wanna lose weight...
posted @ 11:19am ET on July 18, 2012 Get the stomach bug... Def not a fun way. But I still can't eat with thinking I am going to not be able to keep it down. My husband either. He is ...
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So Sick.
posted @ 11:57pm ET on July 15, 2012 Friday started off great for my camping trip with my parents and ten year old brother. My sister, brother-in-law, and grandparents were going to ...
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Off the wagon.
posted @ 7:06pm ET on July 12, 2012 Whoa, I think I totally forgot I was trying to eat right and diet... I didn't follow it at all today, and didn't even think about it! I didn't do ...
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All you can eat...
posted @ 6:00pm ET on July 11, 2012 My dad called this morning. He was in town, and wanted to take me to lunch. He eats high protein, low carb diet. So the only thing I could think ...
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I'm in charge of grocery shopping.
posted @ 12:05pm ET on July 10, 2012 My husband means well, he really does. But he doesn't shop good at all. For the last three months that we've been living in the same house, he took ...
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Displaying posts 13-18 of 197 results

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