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Amber's Tell All

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posted @ 8:16pm ET on January 7, 2015 Can hardly believe it is a new year. Time sure flies when you're having fun. My baby will be a year in four short months, my husband and I are ...
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10# down
posted @ 5:35pm ET on October 25, 2014 My pre pregnancy weight was 152. I gained up to 183 the Iday I walked in the hospital. At one week after having Iris, I lost 21 pounds. At two ...
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Going strong
posted @ 5:50pm ET on October 8, 2014 Things are going great! Apt the weeks ago I tried to wear a dress but couldn't button it. It buttoned last night! I have no idea how much I've lost ...
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Feeling thinner!
posted @ 10:41pm ET on September 24, 2014 My husband even said so! I've pretty much cut starches out of my evening meal, no starch after five pm usually. And it seems to be working. We do ...
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feeling great!
posted @ 11:47am ET on September 18, 2014 Only a few days in and feeling better already about myself. We've taken starch out of our evening meal and it feels great! I'm not all bloated after ...
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I'm back!
posted @ 11:59pm ET on September 16, 2014 Wow! Last I posted I wasn't even 20 weeks pregnant. Now my little girl Iris Charlie is almost four months old! I hope to see some of my old regulars ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 201 results

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