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My fight against the unwanted lbs

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Back once again
posted @ 1:11pm ET on November 2, 2013 So I've not been active on or on loosing weight almost all of 2013. That has resulted in a weight gain. Not a small one but almost 30lbs ...
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Down 1 more pound :)
posted @ 11:26am ET on February 6, 2013 Even though I had a very full schedule last week I succeeded in loosing one pound. I made sure to have fruit and carrots in my bag to snack on in ...
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No loss again
posted @ 3:17am ET on January 28, 2013 I didn't loose this week either. I'm beginning to be a bit discouraged. Am I ever going to loose the weight?!? From now on I have to cut out ...
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ice cream
posted @ 1:43pm ET on January 27, 2013 I have a confession. I ate ice cream yesterday :( It tasted very good but I felt so guilty afterwards - and still do! Today I didn't have any cake ...
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posted @ 12:01pm ET on January 25, 2013 Going to have a hectic weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to work 10 to 5, then my husband is picking me up and we are going to take the train (we don't ...
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stressful day
posted @ 1:11pm ET on January 23, 2013 Had triple booked the day - a spinning class with an old colleague, a meeting with the girl I have a blog (and soon webshop) with and shopping with ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 75 results

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