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Gonna be a long, windy road from here.

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posted @ 9:35am ET on July 3, 2012 I hit a big milestone in June -- down by 30lbs! :D And then I hit 190lbs! ...and then I fell off the bandwagon, stopped drinking enough water, ate ...
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posted @ 12:34am ET on July 1, 2012 I mentioned in my last blog that my husband has been chasing me around like some lovesick puppy since I've hit 30lbs down. I also mentioned that ...
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This is why I track what I eat!
posted @ 4:33pm ET on June 27, 2012 I've not tracked my food for 4 or 5 days now. Because my sister (that I only get to see about once per year) is in town, so I've been busy trying to ...
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So close!!
posted @ 10:30pm ET on June 20, 2012 Haaaha! So this morning I weighed myself, hoping I'd be down to 189.8, as I was at 190.6 the other day. But nooo... 190.0! LOL! Shoot ...
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Picture's worth a thousand words...
posted @ 7:41pm ET on June 18, 2012 I have very little to say here, except: YIPPEE! Sorry the picture is kinda huge... was necessary to squeeze it all in. :S I'm not ...
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30lbs gone!
posted @ 2:01pm ET on June 10, 2012 Officially! Exactly 30lbs. From 222 to 192 as of this morning! Oohhhh yeah!
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Displaying posts 7-12 of 236 results

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