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my weight loss/gain story

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the challenge for me..
posted @ 11:01pm ET on September 20, 2010 So, like I have said before all I want to lose are 6 pounds.. If I work hard I know I can get that done in 4-5 weeks time.. so the challenge for me ...
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horrible horrible day...
posted @ 10:48pm ET on September 16, 2010 Well it really started yesterday. It was so hard to fight the cravings and not binge . I kept thinking that It had almost been a week without me ...
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this is not a sprint...
posted @ 11:30pm ET on September 14, 2010 So I've been really busy at work and will be for the next couple of weeks.. specially if I'm trying to fit doing more exercise to my day routine.. ...
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lots of thinking...
posted @ 10:17pm ET on September 12, 2010 So, I have been thinking a lot this weekend about where do my cravings come from and why can't I push a craving awayn once it has taken over my ...
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thank you everyone..
posted @ 10:21pm ET on September 10, 2010 So it has been a pretty good day again. I've been happy and energetic and focused at work too. I got out of work early and ended up going to the ...
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so far so good..
posted @ 10:00pm ET on September 9, 2010 So, it's been a good day. I have kept to my food plan and I joined a gym!!! I have been living in this city for almost a year and I had been so ...
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Displaying posts 49-54 of 55 results

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